«You could say Google has been the paper based leader in VR, but otherwise you could say Google is well behind Facebook in VR,» Blau said. Google’s new VR headset won’t be as sophisticated as the recently released Rift from Oculus, which costs $600 and must be tethered to computers that can cost another $1,000 or so. Oculus spent several years perfecting the Rift, which features technology that looks so revolutionary that Facebook paid $2 billion to buy the startup in 2014. More food is needed. Garver guides her 1999 Pontiac through the cold rain to the Save A Lot supermarket, where many goods sit in cut open cardboard cases. She leaves 10 minutes later with bread, fruit, beans, sugar, tea and a receipt for $26.58, to be deducted from the family’s grant money.. The third private company in line to negotiate with North Miami Beach, the French firm Veolia, oversaw the Pittsburgh water system in 2014, when cheap chemicals injected into the water caused lead to leech into a water supply servicing 81,000 homes. In 2015, the cheap jerseys State of Michigan sued Veolia for fraud Wholesale Jerseys after the company published an allegedly false study claiming Flint’s water was safe to drink. The state contends that study contributed to thousands of additional people’s exposure to lead. Yes it’s one of the items for discussion at the Corsham Area Board meeting on Tuesday night. It is very unlikely they can be undone and certain councillors should be mindful of this and Wholesale NFL Jerseys not raise false hopes. It is very unlikely they can be undone and certain councillors should be mindful of this and not raise false hopes.. Steve typed «just a way for them to ban whatever they can» Jamie posted «Noit’s just a back door to gun control.» Kary simply typed «No.»Valley News Live headed to the Red River Regional Marksmanship Center Monday afternoon to ask them about this caliber of bullet. While no one wanted to talk on camera, people at the gun range said most who came through the doors were not so much worried about the M855 ball being banned, they were more concerned about it setting a precedent and being a gateway for other guns and ammunition to be outlawed.Gun rights groups urge you to contact the ATF and your local representatives to make sure the M855 is not outlawed. The ATF will be taking public comments on this proposal for another two weeks.______________________________________________________ORIGINAL STORY MONDAY MORNING:The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and titanium cup Explosives is seeking public comment on a potential ban on the sale and manufacture of the M855 ball ammunition, a.223 (5.56mm) caliber bullet.