An inexpensive rival to graphene aerogels In the journal Applied Physics Letters, from AIP Publishing, the researchers describe the new material they created and its performance.

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  • Aming Xie, an expert in organic chemistry, and Fan Wu, both affiliated with PLA University of Science and Technology, worked with colleagues at Nanjing University of Science and Technology to tap into organic chemistry and conducting polymers to fabricate a three dimensional (3 D) polypyrrole (PPy) aerogel based electromagnetic absorber. They chose to concentrate on this method because it enables them to «regulate the density and dielectric property of conducting polymers through the formation of pores during the oxidation polymerization of the pyrrole monomer,» explained Wu. And the fabrication process is a simple one. Vancouver Grizzlies «It requires only four common chemical reagents: pyrrole, ferric chloride (FeCl3), ethanol and water which makes it cheap enough and enables large scale fabrication,» Wu said. nike air max pas cher «We’re also able to pour the FeCl3 solution directly into the pyrrole solution not drop by drop to force the pyrrole to polymerize into a 3 D aerogel rather than PPy particles.» In short, the team’s 3 D PPy aerogel is designed to exhibit «desirable properties such as a porous structure and low density,» Wu noted.

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  • Beyond that, its electromagnetic absorption performance with cheap jerseys low loss shows great promise.

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  • «We believe a ‘wide’ absorption range is more useful than high absorption within one frequency,» Wu said. Compared with previous works, the team’s new aerogel has the lowest adjunction and widest effective bandwidth with a reflection loss below 10 decibels. nike tn requin In terms of applications, based on the combination of low adjunction and a «wide» effective bandwidth, the researchers expect to see their 3 D PPy aerogel used in surface coatings for aircraft. Another potential application is as coatings within the realm of corrosion prevention and control.

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  • «Common anticorrosion coatings contain a large amount of zinc (70 to 80 percent by weight), and these particles not only serve as a cathode by corroding to protect the iron structure but also to maintain a suitable conductivity for the electrochemistry process,» Wu pointed out. «If our 3 D PPy aerogel could build a conductivity network in this type of coating, the loss of zinc particles could be rapidly reduced.» The team is now taking their work a step further by pursuing a 3 D PPy/PEDOT based (poly(3,4 ethylenedioxythiophene) electromagnetic absorber. adidas pure boost hombre «Our goal is to grow solid state polymerized PEDOT particles in the holes of the 3 D PPy aerogel formed by PPy chains,» Wu added.